Hot Book Summer Is Heating Up: July Releases

Hot Book Summer is heating up literally and figuratively with all these new books coming out in July!

My Spirit Demands More POC Romances

Everyday my Spirit craves & demands romances where both the MC & love interest are POC. So I figured I’d share a list of YA & adult books that came out this year that gave me that.

If You’re Looking For Laughs And Adventure, Look At These Middle Grades!

With the summer here & the world being what it is, I had to share a short list of the Middle Grade Books that gave me plenty of laughs & adventure.

Hot Book Summer Is Upon Us: June Releases

June is here and it’s about to be a Hot Book Summer with these new books coming out this month!

Books That Gave Me Serious Heart Eyes And Butterflies

Sometimes you just want to read books that are light when things around you feel heavy, so in this post I list 5 YA books that gave me all the good feels.

Wow, I Said That?: An Ode To 100 Posts

Over the last 99 posts, I’ve said a lot of things that I’ve forgotten but know were likely outrageous…So for this one, I revisited some past posts and shared my favorite quotes!

Kids Of Color Deserve Safe Spaces And Healthy Relationships

This post as been on my mind for a while now and in it, I share my thoughts (and books) about healthy relationships & safe spaces for Kids Of Color.

May Comes Bearing Not Just New Flowers But New Books Too

May is upon us and while you maybe smelling the flowers (or hiding from them thanks to allergies), you have plenty new books to look forward to too!

And They Persisted…With Snark And Humor-4 Middle Grades I Loved

I love Middle Grade Books where the the main characters are not only persistent but snarky & funny so I shared four favs!

To Some Of The Secondary Characters That Live Rent Free In My Mind

I don’t know about you but there are some YA Secondary Characters that live rent free in my mind and I had to share them!

A Magic Steeped In Poison Made Me Want To Drink Tea But Also Throw It

A Magic Steeped In Poison me want to drink lots of tea but also throw it at times and I loved every moment of the journey!

Retellings, Remixes and ReImaginings That Are Relatable, Oh My!

People Of Color, especially as teens, deserve to see themselves in “classic” literature and now they can in this list of YA retellings, remixes and re-imaginings.

Books That Talked HistorNerdy To Me

I love when a book talks nerdy to me, especially HistorNerdy so I featured 6 MG & YA books that do just that!

Love Is In The Air: YA & Adult Romances To Add To Your TBR

An early Valentine’s Day post listing some YA And Adult Romances/Rom-Coms to get you in the lovey-dovey mood!

Falling In Love With New Books: February Releases

So many new books are coming out in February that you will either completely fall in love or your bank account will want break up with you!

I Want To Know What Other Characters Are Thinking-Dual POVs Are My Jam

I absolutely adore books with dual POVs and I share a few that I have enjoyed in this post!

Tis the Season for Books: December Releases!

The year is coming to an end but we still got a few more books to look forward to coming out before it does!

I Don’t Know About You But I’ve Got Bookish Pet Peeves

I don’t know about any of you but I’ve got quite a few bookish pet peeves and I’m airing them out here!

Sequels Are Super Stressful…And I Love Them!

I’m a reader who loves sequels even though they stress me out and I talk briefly about a few I’ve read recently here!

We Need Looove: Black And Brown Girls Should Be Centered in More YA Romance

Black And Brown Girls deserve to see themselves centered in literature, especially when Romance is involved so here is a short list of books where they are.

Reading Is My Escape: Books That Have Helped Me Get Through Tough Times

Whenever I’m having a tough time, I read so this is a list of a few books that have helped me escape for a little while.

Important Middle Grade Books That Need To Be Placed In The Hands Of Kids

With the school year starting back up, there are a few books I really felt should be placed in kids hands and in libraries.

Give Me All The Stories Please-An Ode To Anthologies

I’m a huge fan of anthologies and think they deserve more recognition! Here are 5 anthologies that I loved & why!

Stand Up For AAPI & Support AAPI Authors

A List of Books by AAPI authors as well as action steps to support the AAPI community. #StandUpForAAPI

Giving Them Their Flowers: An Ode To My Favs

I had to take the time to give some of my favorite authors their flowers while they could still smell them/give them their props while they could still read them!

YAY I Completed my 2nd Free Black Women’s Library Challenge

A List of all the Amazing books I read for the Free Black Women’s Library Challenge in 2020 (one of the few good things to come out of the year).