Hey Y’all! I know the title of this post is long but roll with it, lol! So I was thinking about the fact that I have a long list of titles that I owe netgalley reviews/feedback for. Sometimes, I look at the list and I feel super overwhelmed but I try to clear some from it every once in a while… I won’t lie and say that I don’t use these some of these posts to help me get them done…this post will be yet another, lol!

This feels pretty accurate, lol!

I know that netgalley *probably* won’t come after me like they’re Sallie Mae (am I dating myself? lol), but when I look at the list of books I need to give reviews/feedback for makes me think that they actually might. So, in an attempt to clear up some of this list, I’m going to write some of my reviews here. Of course, these are all books that I would recommend anyway but just not doing individual posts or themed (my brain is semi-fried after the week I had)!

Let’s get this party started!

Frizzy by Claribel A. Ortega; illustrated by Rose Bousamra (MG): I, admittedly, don’t read a lot of graphic novels but I’m really glad to have read this one. I grew up being made fun of for my hair because it was always frizzy and wild (though I’m so glad that I didn’t have to sit in a salon every weekend). It was as if the state of my hair impacted how others saw me (my uncle’s nickname of “Crazy Horse” for me still sticks to me), much as it did the main characters. I loved how relatable the MC was and how her relationship with her hair and family evolved throughout the story. It was a beautiful visual journey of self-acceptance and self-advocacy. I know so many are proud of their natural hair and some who are on the journey to begin to. I think so many would connect with this story.

It’s a celebration! of self

Seoulmates by Susan Lee: This book read like a K-Drama and whenever a book reads that way, I always read them quickly. I enjoyed how lighthearted it was and walked away from it feeling really good but also feeling a range of emotions throughout the experience. Annoyance with certain people [redacted] peopling, feeling the confusion & hurt of a best friend leaving and the joy & relief of reconnecting with said best friend. We were given levels without being drug through the mud in order to experience them! Fans of K-Dramas would enjoy this read.

This is some of the energy this book gives…super cute with a bit of side-eye, lol

Three Kisses, One Midnight by Roshani Chokshi, Sandhya Menon & Evelyn Skye: One thing I didn’t realize I was into is multiple authors co-authoring a book & it not being a anthology but I am! Sure the sections had names but this book is a novel with characters that are intertwined by their friendship and desire for romantic love. This book gave light, magical and a bit of a myth that is specific to the story. These authors did an amazing job at bringing their voices and writing styles together to create this story where three friends support each other as they live out their own love stories against the clock. This book was pretty light though there is a touch of grief that doesn’t deter the story and its sweetness at all!

Very this, especially since they were all hyper-aware of the time!

Eternally Yours Edited by Patrice Caldwell: As some of you all know, I’m a sucker for an anthology (this post tells you that) and Patrice’s last anthology, A Phoenix First Must Burn, was so good and this one didn’t disappoint either. We got vampires, undead, witches, and other monster love stories without a scary edge to them (I’m a scaredy cat, I’m not ashamed to say that). As usual, I did have a favorite story but I rather you all read and then tell me what YOUR favorite was (see what I did there? *wink*). Patrice has completely cemented why I would read any anthology she edits and books she writes!

Anthologies from Patrice please!

Somebody I Used To Know by Dana L. Davis: First, the cover of this book is stunning. When I first saw it, my bookish spidey senses tingled and I knew I wanted to read it. This was a great read that was a balance of light and heavy. Its a story of second chances in reconnection, friendship and romance. I had moments where I laughed, where my eyes got a little watery and where I cheered. I’m also a sucker for two Black kids falling in friendship and love because it’s truly a beautiful thing (I still don’t think we have nearly enough of those stories right now). I flew through this book and I wouldn’t be surprised if you do too when you read!

This is the energy!

Salt & Sugar by Rebecca Carvalho: I love when a book takes us to a country I’ve never been before (cause I’m afraid of flying & this is the easiest way to travel without leaving my home or spending thousands of dollars) and this book takes us to Brazil where two bakeries have a multi-generational rivalry going and the youngest of these generations have to decide if they want to keep it going or not. In a way, it gives Romeo & Juliet but without the unnecessary deaths (that is still very weird to me, btw). There are plenty of laughs and mishaps throughout this story that created balance to the grief that was laced throughout it. With there being the sudden loss of a beloved grandparent & parent, I was a bit in my feels but didn’t feel overwhelmed. This was a really nice read.

This is kind of on the nose for the MC

Drizzle, Dreams And Lovestruck Things by Maya Prasad: I love a book where we get multiple points of view but also varying stories and this book gives us that. We get four seasons, four different types of expression, four sisters and a really cool dad. We get to see all their love stories play out in different ways and how they all influence each other. There are some points of shared grief but those moments weren’t super heavy for long (it was a really good reminder for me that everyone processed the same loss(es) differently). From prologue to epilogue, I enjoyed this book!

I love a good seasonal love story!

Well, That Was Unexpected by Jesse Q. Sutanto: I loved Jesse’s MG Theo Tan And The Fox Spirit and was really excited to read this book. I will tell you that this book was a very far departure from that MG but the humor is still there but from hormonal teenagers perspectives. This book gives us dual perspectives and travel to Indonesia where one lives & the other’s parent immigrated from. The beginnings of both their stories had me in tears (of laughter) and how they came to meet was brilliant. This book was great from start to finish and I’ve recommended it quite a bit as I found it quite relatable (as a once horny teen myself).

I can neither confirm nor deny if this was me in certain situations, lol!

Briarcliff Prep by Brianna Peppins: I’m not going to lie…I thought this book was going to be a thriller of sorts based off the title & cover (for some reason, they give me that & I am a chronic non-reader of synopses), especially since it takes place at a boarding school but alas, it is not…I just knew I really wanted to read it! I loved this book about the MC, Avi, following the footsteps of her mother & older sister but with a plan to make a place for herself in this new place. I also loved that there was a little bit of a love story but the larger part was the friendships she establishes while navigating her relationship with her sister. There could be some triggers based upon experience but I ate this book up.

Avi, while writing at times

Strike The Zither by Joan He: So my first intro to Joan was Descendant Of The Crane (which I still really want a sequel to because reasons) and loved that book so much so I was so glad when she announced this book, which is a fantasy like DOTC. This book was so good! The cast of characters were so great, an MC who is too smart for her own good with a cause that she believes in and a twist that I definitely didn’t see coming. I was biting my nails most of the time I was reading but enjoyed the entire experience. It also doesn’t help that I’m complete trash for a period book of any kind (it’s the nerd in me, what can I say?!)! I’m super anxious for book two (which I believe we get in 2023…it feels so far but in reality isn’t).

I’m not saying this is a moment in the book but this gives the energy of one or two *smirks*, lol!

We Deserve Monuments by Jas Hammonds (out 11/29/22): This is another book that had a cover that I was absolutely enamored with. Someone posted about pre-ordering on Twitter and I had to co-sign how great this book is. I tweeted “I read #WeDeserveMonuments and I promise you it’s worth your time. Connecting with a dying grandparent, learning your history, self-discovery, love in the form of friendship & romance and 2 Black girls finding it in both forms! Yea, go preorder!” I still stand by this statement and add that there maybe a twist or two that you don’t see coming in this book along with varying timelines, points of view outside of the MCs & family tea. And because this needs repeating, adolescent Black Love, which I love to see in all forms. So definitely pre-order!

There is also an abundance of this in this book!

Whew, that was a lot of typing but I think that should satiate netgalley for a second, lol! Also, these are all great books that I think you all might enjoy if you have the same taste in books as I do!

That really was a lot!

Are you like me and read the E-ARCs from netgalley (I barely mess with edelweiss so I won’t hold y’all on that) and then take forever to give feedback? What is your relationship like with netgalley? Do you keep your ratio up with them so you remain in their good graces or do you think they will come after you like Sallie Mae did for her money back (before she sold off our debts to let others chase us)? Let me know in the comments or on social media on Instagram @bookishgirlmagic, Twitter @bookishgrlmagic and Clubhouse @bookishgrlmagic where you can find me mostly in book centered clubs/rooms (primarily on Tuesdays and Fridays). Also please subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already because it makes me feel like I’ve written a bunch of feedback on netgalley (which I just technically did, lol)! As usual, I’m sending you tons of bookish love & wish you happy reading along with the start of the holiday season!


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