Wow, I Said That?: An Ode To 100 Posts

Over the last 99 posts, I’ve said a lot of things that I’ve forgotten but know were likely outrageous…So for this one, I revisited some past posts and shared my favorite quotes!

Kids Of Color Deserve Safe Spaces And Healthy Relationships

This post as been on my mind for a while now and in it, I share my thoughts (and books) about healthy relationships & safe spaces for Kids Of Color.

Tis the Season for Books: December Releases!

The year is coming to an end but we still got a few more books to look forward to coming out before it does!

I Don’t Know About You But I’ve Got Bookish Pet Peeves

I don’t know about any of you but I’ve got quite a few bookish pet peeves and I’m airing them out here!

Spoilers Aren’t A Part Of My Ministry And Here’s Why

Spoilers are not only not a part of my ministry but I sincerely hate them and this is my post on why!

Sequels Are Super Stressful…And I Love Them!

I’m a reader who loves sequels even though they stress me out and I talk briefly about a few I’ve read recently here!

Give POC Authors Their Flowers, Not One Star On Goodreads

There is a BS system in place giving POC Authors 1 star ratings on platforms like goodreads and we gotta combat this nonsense.

What’s The 411 Hun?: Organizing The Readers Supporting Ayiti Raffle

I’ve been working on a benefit for Haiti but I need help… and I hope that You would want to support!

Giving Them Their Flowers: An Ode To My Favs

I had to take the time to give some of my favorite authors their flowers while they could still smell them/give them their props while they could still read them!