Hey y’all! I don’t about you but sometimes, books just entrance me to the point of being held in a literary chokehold. It could be the story line/plot, the character’s voice, comedic moments, emotional content, pacing or a combination of all of those things. With the amount of books that I read (netgalley keeps me VERY busy), I go through books fairly quickly and some stick with me more than others.

This is what I think these books would say to me, if they could!

In keeping with the Spirit of sharing more of what I’m reading, there are 3 that I read/listened to recently that had me in a chokehold of sorts and you may want to add to your TBRs!

As a matter of fact, I do!

Seton Girls by Charlene Thomas (out 8/30/22): This book is actually the inspiration behind this post because I tweeted that it had me in a chokehold. I had started it at like 4:25 am (I know, I know, the hours I am up) and forced myself to stop at like 7:30 am because I hadn’t gone to sleep yet (in my defense, it was Saturday morning & I had no plans for the day). Each time I picked up my amazon fire, I had such a hard time putting it down because I was getting sucked into the story, trying to figure out the roles that the Seton Girls played in the story and how the characters would handle certain situations. There were multiple points of views which also helped push the story forward (and y’all know Dual POVs are my jam). The layers this story had just gave everything that needed to be given, especially since there was an added little twist that I did NOT guess, which is not something that happens all that often! This is definitely a book I’ll be thinking and talking about for a very long time.

My energy the entire time I was reading this!

Almost There by Farrah Rochon (out 9/6/22): So almost the moment that I got the widget for the ALC (Advanced Listener Copy) for this book, I started it… then found myself listening every chance I got. This one was with the professional narrator, who did a great job with the various voices, especially Tiana’s, and alternate story. I found myself captivated by the journey Tiana was on and the alternate points of view that we got. As a fan of The Princess And The Frog, I was so glad with how well the original characters were woven in with new ones that were added to the storyline and the history lessons that were embedded within them. I would like to say though that in Haiti, Vodou is practiced, not “Voodoo” which was what colonizers called it to give it a negative connotation. It is actually a beautiful practice, much like its counterparts throughout the diaspora. I would highly encourage learning about Vodou, Root Work and other similar practices. This was a great book and if you are also a fan of The Princess And The Frog, you’ll enjoy it too!

The only thing that could’ve been better is if this song was in the audio!

Creep: A Love Story by Lygia Day Peñaflor (out 9/27/22): This book was the first one I listened to that was a synthesized voice but I’ll tell you, I was just as captivated as if it was professionally narrated or I was physically reading because it was so engaging. I love a good love story but I would’ve never thought to read one from the perspective of a stalker! When I tell you I was yelling back in response, making faces and holding on to my sanity by a thread several times…… *cocks head to the side* Chileeeeeeee, if I wore pearls, I would’ve clutched them because this chick was unhinged and I just couldn’t stop listening! I was wishing that I could hear the professional narration because if they do it right, anyone would be looking over their shoulder throughout the day. There was so much that went on in the story but it was just the right amount of tew murch. If you’re a fan of shows or books with stalkers, you’ll definitely enjoy this story.

This was pretty much me with this expression, lol!

So seeing how these books had me enraptured the way they did, don’t be surprised if you hear me talk about these books often if you are on the interwebs with me (what?! I have an obsessive nature when it comes to books). Am I the only person that finds themselves in a chokehold while reading at times? I know it can’t just be meeeeee! Are you planning to read any of these books? Let me know in the comments or social media, on Instagram @bookishgirlmagic, Twitter @bookishgrlmagic and Clubhouse @bookishgrlmagic where you can find me mostly in book centered clubs/rooms (primarily on Tuesdays and Fridays). Also please subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already because it makes me feel like finishing a book that had me completely enraptured! As usual, I’m sending you tons of bookish love & wish you happy reading!

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