This is the comedic version of me biting my nails while reading

Hey everyone! So I don’t know about y’all but I’m a mood reader and I go into these states where I just want a particular genre, voice or subject matter. Well, lately, I’ve been in a sequels state of mind. As much as I can find them to be super stressful, I feel like there is a comfort of some sort being able to go back into a world and seeing characters that made it out the first book(s) again (let’s not act like authors don’t go off on killing sprees with their characters sometimes *side eyes a few*). Is that just me or do y’all feel me on that?

Is it just me though?! Tell me it’s not!

I actually had read quite a few sequels in the last month or so and did a whole month (well, up until when I ran out of sequels in my TBR) of Sequels during the summer. I really enjoyed this, especially since the burning questions I had were finally answered. However, if there is another book in the series, then I’m still left with questions, frustration & a burning desire to beg the author for the next book like my life depended on it…I may even barter with them on social media, lol (there is evidence of this in some author posts but I’m not finna put myself out there like that here, lol).

I may or may not look more disheveled when I beg these authors, lol
You know she’s about to tell some thangs!

Since I’m in this sequels state of mind, I thought I would talk about a few that I’ve gotten to read early *smirks*. Don’t worry y’all, I won’t spoil anything because that isn’t how I roll (which y’all knew already, so don’t loose faith in me nowwwwww).

Girl Giant And The Jade War, the sequel to Girl Giant And The Monkey King, by Van Hoang (out 12/7/2021): This is a middle grade series I found through influencing for MacMillan and I’m so glad I found it! Y’all know how much I love mythology…well, this one is chalk full of it! I love how not only did it give a different take on The Monkey King myths (specifically, the Vietnamese origin) but also introduced more of the Gods & mythical creatures that he came across in all of his shenanigans. Thom (pronounced Tom) is such a great character and I found myself speaking to her a lot as if she could hear me, lol! I loved how the story flowed from the first book into the second one (I did read them back to back, which felt like a privilege) and I’m so anxious to see where the third book will take us in Thom’s adventures (because I strongly feel that there is a 3rd book coming but Van has not confirmed this). If you haven’t read the first book, you’ve got a little bit of time before the second comes out!

When Thom is her fiercest, she gives this energy!

Akata Woman, the 3rd book in the Akata Witch series (Akata Witch & Akata Warrior) by Nnedi Okorafor (Out 1/18/2022): So Y’all…I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever for this book and was OVERJOYED when Nnedi mentioned she was working on this book and eventually announced the title. I literally screamed out loud, I was so happy! When I was able to get my hands on the E-ARC, it took all my self-control not to read it right then (I lasted a few weeks, surprisingly). It felt so good to be back with Sunny & her crew because I did have so many questions with the way Akata Warrior ended. Not only did I get my answers but we got a pretty epic mission and some necessary lessons learned! I honestly left the book feeling okay with if the story ended where it did but I am lowkey highkey hoping for a 4th book because it felt like there could be much more to Sunny’s story based upon what happened in this book. I guess we will have to wait and see but I know it will be a few years because Nnedi is a busy busy woman (and I respect her for that). The Akata Series is one of my favorite series of all time and I would highly recommend it to anyone who asks! Whenever y’all read it, let me know if you see 4th book potential.

Me, when I started Akata Woman, lol!

Ashes Of Gold, the 2nd book in the Wings Of Ebony Duology, by J.Elle (out 1/11/2022): So full transparency, I’m apart of the street team for this book but that isn’t why I’m writing about it. I actually got a copy from my favorite Indie bookstore, Kew & Willow (I ❤ them so much), and had been sitting on it for a while. Well, J.Elle decided to do teasers and I got tired of waiting to see who Rue chooses and what goes down in this book (I’m fuheva #TeamJhamal…shoutout to my shipmates). It got to the point while reading this book that I just couldn’t put it down…I ended up finishing it at 8:30 in the morning…yes folks, you read that correctly…EIGHT THIRTY IN THE MORNING! I gave up on attempting to go to sleep before finishing this book because I just had to see how things shook out (I didn’t have to worry about work in the morning, thankfully). I cried and I certainly got angry at J.Elle cause she killed a lot of people (I don’t know why these authors gotta kill folks but I guess literary blood sacrifice is needed for some reason) and I was certainly stressed while reading. This was such a great conclusion to the duology but I was still pitching novella & companion novels to J.Elle because I’m simply not ready to leave the WOE universe *sobs*. I’mma just tell y’all not to get too attached to characters cause you MAY get your feelings hurt like I did *side-eyes J.Elle* (I still luh her doe). If you haven’t read Wings Of Ebony, you have some time before Ashes Of Gold hits the streets, so get on it folks!

Me, side-eyeing J.Elle but there is some love there

I have some ARCs a few sequels and companion novels (not the same, they are in the same universe but new main character) that come out next year that I’m super excited to get to. I also got to read some sequels early that are now out like Maya And The Return Of The Godlings, the sequel to Maya And The Rising Dark, by Rena Barron and Tristan Strong Keeps Punching, the Final book in the Tristan Strong series (Tristan Strong Punches A Hole In The Sky & Tristan Strong Destroys The World), by Kwame Mbalia (I loved both, in case y’all were wondering and I think everybody needs to read them).

I’m ready to read those sequels & companion novels!

How do y’all feel about sequels? Are you a fan of them or are you only ’bout that standalone life? Do you have a favorite sequel or series if you like living in book worlds like I do? Let me know in the comments here or on social media! As usual, You can find & follow me on Instagram @bookishgirlmagic, Twitter @bookishgrlmagic and Clubhouse @bookishgrlmagic where you can find me mostly in book centered clubs/rooms (primarily on Tuesdays and Fridays). Also subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already because it makes me feel like I’ve my hands on books that I’ve been highly anticipating! Sending y’all bookish love and wishing you happy reading! Peace out!

I’m finna go back to reading now!


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