Hey Y’all! So, I don’t know about you but when I read a book, usually my favorite characters are not the main characters but rather one of the secondary characters (and number of appearances doesn’t effect how much I love them). If you go back to posts I’ve done about specific books, I think you will find a trend (unashamed, I am)!

I’m really not, lol!

There is usually something about these secondary characters that draws me into them and makes me wish that they would have their own book(s) at some point (and possibly that they are real people somewhere so that we can become friends, lol). It could be their banter with the main character & others, their attitudes, personalities or something that just makes me think “you…me…same” each time they appear on the page! This clearly happens enough that I am writing a post about them!

They are like my literary Kindred!

Since secondary characters tend to live rent free in my head, I’m going to share a few that I love. If there is a post about the book they are in (spotlighted or featured), I’ll share that link as well! Here we go!

How all these characters are

Corinne from Charming As A Verb: She is an OG fav and I will forever badger Ben about her getting at least her own novella (some deleted chapters, a New Adult crossover, SOMETHING)! She deserves the spotlight because lets be real, she stole ALL of Halti’s shine when she was on the page. I will also forever maintain that her perspective was needed in that book because she’s hysterical and I would’ve given ANYTHING to know her thoughts at times! I read this book like 2 years ago and I still mention her when I get the chance! She’s MY QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN (also, much love to Palm Tree)!

No seriously, I call her Queen Queen Corinne all the time!

Alice from Legendborn: Another fav that I wouldn’t mind reading at least a novella from her perspective. Honestly, I felt like we needed more of her in the first book and I’m hoping for more Alice appearances in Bloodmarked (I’m so anxious to get my hands on this book y’all!)! One of my favorite scenes in a book will always be when Bree goes to wash her hair and Alice empathizes with her. If one doesn’t have a best friend who understands the importance of their deep conditioning routine then what is the point of “best” friendships?!

You truly are Alice!

Mindii from Sunny G’s Series Of Rash Decisions: I didn’t write a full post about Sunny G’s but I wrote a little bit about this book. I didn’t mention Mindii specifically then because I knew that this post was going to eventually happen and wanted her to have her moment here. She’s actually the inspiration behind this post because I was thinking of how amazing a book would be from her perspective. The way she bantered with Sunny as well as schooled him just turned my eyes into interchanging hearts and stars. She’s gives very “Too Cool For School” Vibes but actually attended because it matters to her. Mindii rides a motorcycle for crying out loud AND educates Sunny on Hmong Culture! She was just the right character to both empathize with and get Sunny out of his shell! I’d definitely want to hang out with her & grab a bubble tea along with pastries!

How I imagined Mindii in my mind!

Zeena from Traveler’s Along The Way: This is yet another book I didn’t write in full about but talked some about! Zeena was seriously one of the best parts of this book to me and could definitely use her own book IMO! She had me cracking up all the time because she had Rahma on ALL of her toes throughout the story! As an older sibling, I felt Zeena so incredibly hard because you just always gotta keep your sibling right…if not you then who, amirite?! I loved how feisty and real she could be throughout and how she riffed with not just Rahma but the other characters in the story. She’s a character that I would just always want around, honestly! I get why she wasn’t the main in this Robin Hood remix but there HAS to be another she could be the center of…quick, someone give Aminah suggestions!

In another universe, I think this could’ve been a moment between Zeena and Rahma!

Kyle From Turning: I loved Kyle from the moment that Genie first spoke to him. For me, he was like a voice of reason even when he wasn’t around her as the book progressed on. He had this balance of wisdom and humor that I truly appreciate in a secondary character & he had such great chemistry with Genie. He was open and vulnerable with Genie in a way that she really needed as well as kind and considerate of her that so many of aren’t used to. Kyle also had a strength about him which drew me in even more to his character. He was able to make fun of himself when the moments called for it but also give the doses of reality too. Kyle’s the cinnamon roll that Genie (and all of us) truly deserved.

How I would look at Kyle is I were Genie…or myself, really, lol!

Izara from Blood Scion: OK, so have you ever read a character and you were like “They are THAT person”? I’ve done this several times and Izara has joined the list. From the jump, she let EVERYONE know she is THAT CHICK and in the most unapologetic way…basically, she told folx to get the eff out of her way or get wrecked and I couldn’t do anything but respect her. She gives Angela Bassett walking away from the burning car (My favorite all time movie scenes) mixed in with Set It Off vibes…basically any and every Bada$$ Black Girl & Woman you can think of rolled into her character and I LIVEDDDDDDDD FOR HER!

Izara gives this energy and I am here for it!

There are so many other secondary characters that I have loved across all the books I’ve read but I can only hold you for but so long. I can’t be the only one who loves secondary characters more than the main characters (most of the time), can I? Am I alone in my love for them *looks around*?

Is it?!

Do you have a favorite secondary character or multiple favs? Let me know in the comments or on Social media! Hit me up on Instagram @bookishgirlmagic, Twitter @bookishgrlmagic and Clubhouse @bookishgrlmagic where you can find me mostly in book centered clubs/rooms (primarily on Tuesdays and Fridays). Also please subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already because it makes me feel like I just met a new secondary character to add to my pantheon of favs! Until the next post, I’m sending y’all bookish love and wishing you happy reading!


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