Hey Y’all! So I don’t know about y’all but I’ve been super busy marathon reading for the last few weeks. I had quite a few ARCs for books that were releasing last week & this week that I wanted to make sure I read before their release! I managed to finish the last title yesterday and I feel so accomplished!

I seriously didn’t think I was going to make it for a moment!

However, that’s not the reason for this post (it was feeling a little “Dear Diary” for a second, lol)! Of those numerous ARCS (18 total, don’t worry, I started reading them last month…I’m not that much of a machine), three of the most recent ones really cracked me up. I found myself having a great time reading and not wanting to put them down! I have not been able to stop thinking about them or raving about them every chance I get so I wanted to share them with you (which falls in line with my bookish intents for this year…#Accountability)!

If I had less core control, I would’ve been like this baby while reading these books…A LOT!

Since these are debut authors, it is super important that they get the shine and love that they deserve. We (I) want them to keep writing and giving not just this generation but all of us the type of representation wanted AND needed in literature. I do hope that you all will support them because they wrote truly phenomenal books!

Just taking this moment to say…LISTEN To Black Women…PSA over

Let me get to this list before I find myself on another soap box, lol! Here we go (I really love saying that)!

It’s the enthusiasm for me!

Sunny G’s Series Of Rash Decisions by Navdeep Singh Dhillon: This book just spoke to my Spirit! First, there was so much cussing and if you read this blog in its earlier days, you know I used to do a lot of that too (I still do but just not here in case a kid under like 13 reads). Second, there were so much funny banter between Sunny and the other characters and even the thoughts in his head…I laughed so much the entire time! It’s the type of banter & humor that I would regard my friends as well as the thoughts that go through my head…Sunny is so well versed in Sarcasm and snark, my second and third languages! We would make great friends! Third, this book deals with grief but in a way that didn’t feel overwhelming, daunting or heavy. Many of you know that I’ve been dealing with my own loss and because of how heavy it still feels to me, I usually shy away from books that have grief/loss. However, I didn’t feel like shying away and rather felt drawn to Sunny and his struggles because of how he approached his thoughts around death…they actually felt similar to some of my own. Fourth, Sunny had an amazing group of friends that I couldn’t get enough of! I honestly wish they were there for more of the shenanigans…I mean, rash decisions! Seriously, this book is f**king funny and it’s worth your time!

So many things in Sunny G’s was!

Ophelia After All by Racquel Marie: This book had me from page one and when I finished, I did one of those sighs that only a book that spoke to your soul could produce. I was drawn to this book by the cover alone (and I’m a VERY good judge of a cover) and my intuition didn’t let me down at all. This book was super funny and the banter between Ophelia & her friends as well as her parents (that shocked the mess out of me in the best way) was so witty that the only way it would’ve been better is if I could’ve heard it in real time! I also got caught off guard because my eyes leaked a time or two and I DEFINITELY wasn’t ready for that. Like Ophelia, I was boy crazy as a teen and my friends knew me as the same so I felt a connection with her from that point on. I also felt connected with her in not wanting to be known for a few things that far from defined who I was (and really am now). This book was like a masterclass in exploring the spectrum of emotion, self-discovery and self-acceptance. It also did a beautiful job in the conversations around sexuality and labeling or even not labeling oneself along with the importance of finding community and understanding. I think you know what I’m going to say…(get this book, in case that isn’t clear! lol!)

I was really in my feels y’all!

Lulu And Milagro’s Search For Clarity by Angela Velez: I have to start this by saying that this book is Dual POV and y’all know how much I LOVE dual POV books so it hooked me from the beginning! I felt a kinship with Lulu and Milagro for different reasons (though I felt like I related more to Lulu). Lulu is the super nerdy, head typically stuck in a book and filled with different facts type sister that loves research which is pretty much my vibe (we could seriously be friends IRL)! I’m not a little sister but I felt where she wanted to set herself apart and make the things she wanted for herself happen. Milagro is the fun, fashionable and outgoing type sister. She fights between whether or not she should attempt to prove people wrong about her or continue to go against the rough grain that’s been set by her mom & school. I understood her not wanting to be bothered by others expectations and just living…really, I deeply admired her free spirit. They learned so much on their journey about themselves, each other and why they should define themselves by their own terms rather than allow other people & situations to do the defining for them. I seriously enjoyed this book that really honed in on the importance of family, friendships and figuring out what the future means to you (there was some alliteration there, lol)! Clearly, I would recommend this book!

Switch the sisters roles here and you got Lulu (who would be at the microscope) and Milagro (fashionably dressed & saying something snarky)!

If what I’ve said about these books aren’t enough to sway you then I’m not sure what else I could tell you! You couldn’t go wrong with any of these books. They gave me all the feels from laughter to tears to anger and so many in-between…but in the end, I felt joyful when I finished each one. In times such as these, books that bring joy and laughter are so very important to me and maybe to you as well.

Me too Tiffany, me too!

Look y’all, I completely understand if you don’t have the funds to purchase these books but you have the brilliant resource of the library (hopefully close to you) to request these titles from… Some libraries have digital copies so you can borrow them from afar so utilize them and support these authors & their amazing books (do this for all authors, of course). Another way to support is to follow them on the socials and I’ll provide their IGs (they are linked for your convenience, you welcome): Navdeep, Racquel, and Angela (I went and followed them as well because I practice what I preach)!

I’m sure they will be very happy and thankful for the support!

Have you all heard about these titles? Which one(s) called the most to you? Are there any other debut books that you have really enjoyed? Are there any by POC authors that you are anticipating?! Feel free to share them in the comments or on social media! As always, You can find & follow me out on these e-streets on Instagram @bookishgirlmagic, Twitter @bookishgrlmagic and Clubhouse @bookishgrlmagic where you can find me mostly in book centered clubs/rooms (primarily on Tuesdays and Fridays). Also please subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already because it makes me feel like I got to read some books that made me laugh till my eyes leaked! As always, I’m sending y’all bookish love and wishing you happy reading! Later peeps!

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