Hey Everyone, I know that it’s not quite like me to do two posts in one week but I felt that it was really important to post about this particular fundraising effort. As someone who is Half-Haitian and a reader, I had been trying to figure out how to utilize my love for reading to benefit the land of my father’s birth. I’m so very grateful that there are authors and publishing professionals that have taken the initiative to fund-raise for Haiti by donating books and various services. The Auction starts on Saturday, August 28th and goes until Monday, September 1st (so quickly gather your coins).

For more information, here are the links about the event:

Please go follow them on instagram and browse the items that are up for auction…I’ve already put several items on my wishlist to bid on! If you aren’t interested in the auction, please do consider donating, they also provide names and links to other organizations in Haiti that will actually give the funds to those who need it (All Tea and Shade to the Red Cross). If you aren’t able to financially support, please still follow their IG page and spread the word about this event.

For me, it’s so important to amplify this incentive. This means so much to me and I sincerely appreciate any & all support you all are able to provide. When I think of ways to continue to honor my Grandpa and Ayiti, the country that he loved so much, this is definitely one of the ways that I know he would be behind as a fellow book lover & retired librarian (he is where I get it from).

The book in his hands is Dear Haiti, Love Alaine…I gifted him a signed copy

One more picture with my grandpa because he’s my favorite human and he always made sure that we all knew how much he loved Haiti.

He’s truly the best

Alright y’all, before I get anymore choked up, please go forth and spread the word about this incredible fundraising effort! If y’all have any questions, you all know you can find me on Instagram @bookishgirlmagic, Twitter @bookishgrlmagic and Clubhouse @bookishgrlmagic where you can typically find me in book centered clubs/rooms. As usual, I’m sending you all so much bookish love. From the bottom of my bookish heart, Mèsi anpil anpil!


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I’m reader who has a fierce love for books written by authors of color & belief in the importance of supporting them! My mission is to amplify their voices and work so this generation and all the others after them will have literature that will reflect them.

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