Hey Y’all! So some of y’all have been with this blog from the beginning (thanks for that) but others of you are new to it (thanks for deciding to go on this ride with me) and how my mind works when it comes to talking about books. One of the themes you have likely noticed is that…I…Don’t…Do…Spoilers…AT ALL! They just aren’t my ministry, my song, my cup of bubble tea, my anything really. I actually quite hate them and keep from reading reviews for fear of possibly coming across one, if I haven’t read the book yet.

There are no snaps when it comes to spoilers for me!

Spoilers make me think that folks just really don’t like people and don’t want them to be happy. I feel like Spoilers snatch some of the best parts of reading a book, especially if a book hinges so much on the plot twist like The Tenth Girl by Sara Faring. I remember being at the launch & someone who had read the book stood up to ask a question mentioning the plot. It was like the whole room held its breath hoping that they wouldn’t spoil it and then they said something to the effect of “I won’t say it cause I don’t want to spoil it” and there was like this collective exhale afterward. Could you imagine how people would’ve felt if the book was spoiled right then?! A room full of bookish people ready to pelt books at the person because they took away a huge moment from the book?! Okay, maybe not everyone would pelt a book but I sure would’ve found something to throw, lol (I’m not even lying, I take this that seriously)!

This would’ve been me with whatever i could get my hands on (it may have been soft at least, may being the operative word here), lol!

For me, reading is an experience that shouldn’t be violated & I think spoils violate heavy. There is a whole journey in which you embark upon and knowing anything that can unravel the story too early takes away from the whole thing. For example, when I read an ARC of a book, say of like my very first post for Kingdom Of Souls by Rena Barron, and I KNOW I have no one to talk to about the book (which is a bit soul crushing, I will admit), I hop into that authors DMs and get ALLLLLLLL of my feelings out. Why? Because they 1) know the story cause they wrote it (and at that point, hopefully it is fresh in their mind still) and 2) they wrote it and I likely have a bone to pick with them because I did something almost unforgivable, lol (hey, it makes sense to me)! Ask J.Elle, the author of Wings Of Ebony & its upcoming sequel, Ashes Of Gold, cause I had THANGS I needed to say to her about how everything went down in AOG since it comes out in January and no one else in the street team had finished it yet. Think I’m lying? Ask her and she’ll tell you, lol.

Me, when I slide into an Author’s DMs while I’m reading their book or when I finish

So how exactly do I talk about a book without spoiling it, you ask? I give very base information then launch into how I FELT about it…literally how I felt like if it made me cry, laugh, angry, want to flip tables or fight someone. There is so much to talk about about the book without spoiling it for others. Take for instance, Ace Of Spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé and FireKeeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley, these are two books that I am beyond obsessed with (it is actually in one of the titles, for crying out loud) and I had PLENTY to say without one hint of a spoiler. This was really important because these two books have quite a few mysteries in them that makes it feel like you’re playing Clue at some point. WHOOOOOOOO in their right mind would want to be told the biggest secrets of the book by “opening the envelop” too early?! There would be no game left to play or much reason to read anymore if it’s spoiled!

No seriously, do you?! If you gon’ spoil a book for me, then lets do this! Same goes if you take my bubble tea from me!

For me, spoiling like ordering a bubble tea then someone up & drinks from it before me then has the nerve to explain in detail what it tastes like before my lips hit the straw (I’d seriously fight someone if they did that to me, have bail ready if it ever does)! Wouldn’t it be better to wait till the person takes their sip or rather gets to the part that they should be anticipating and seeing their response? That’s like the best part of this. It makes me think of when I used to bartend (don’t be shocked…I am really good at it; I LOOK young but I am NOT young, lol) and I would watch (in a non-creepy way) as a person takes their first sip with baited breath to see their response…were they surprised, excited, sighing in ecstasy (that would be a romance response)?! I wouldn’t want anyone to take that away from me and thus, I wouldn’t do it to them no matter how much they ask to be told what happens.

Wouldn’t it doe?

So what do I do if someone asks me a question that could involve a spoiler, you ask? I’m glad you asked (or maybe you didn’t but let’s pretend you did). Well, I grimace first because OF COURSE, the spoilery answer comes to mind first because who wouldn’t think of the answer if they know it?! But since I’m not connected to a lie detector and I believe in being kind to people (LOL), I come up with a deterring answer to encourage the person to either read the book or continue reading the book so they could find out the answer themselves. For example, in the AOG street team discussions, there is a private channel for people who finished the book and someone asked me something about a beloved character’s loyalty/actions changing and what I ended up saying was “I can confirm…the waters are muddied but I will say that keep thinking the best of ___.” I wanted to give just enough but not too much because also, how I experienced the story may not be how they experience it & they may think a different way than I did. The person wasn’t completely happy with my response but I eventually placated them (I think) without spoiling and said “I’m so glad I gave an answer that satisfied you…I don’t want you to be upset with me for not being straightforward but I don’t want to ruin the experience for you!” For me, it is SO IMPORTANT to preserve the sanctity of the reading experience…that sounds a little self-righteous but this is honestly a hill I will die on or at least black out on for an extended period of time because there are more books I wish to read!

If you are nearby when I do this blacking out, then place have something soft behind me if you aren’t going to catch me…thanks!

Also, if the book is being spoiled, what then would be the incentive to request the book from your library or purchase the book?! How does that support the author when that’s what I’m attempting to get you to do?! Pitch the book, not spoil it folks! Now, I know that there are readers and reviewers that don’t share the same sentiment as I do and that is okay. I respect anyone doing them if they feel its right for them since there are people out there who like to read spoilers (I don’t understand it though). I have a friend like this and I almost disowned her on the spot but I really like her as a person & its hard for me to find people who I like IRL (she knows who she is, if she is reading this). So if you are a person who loves spoilers, don’t come for me, just know I won’t be giving them here. What I will give is gifs that fit my mood/the sentiments of the statements and (hopefully) funny anecdotes about the books, its characters & how I felt throughout the experience. Hopefully, you will find this satisfactory to your tastes (and I’m guessing it is because you made it to this point without hopefully skipping anything, lol).

And by my best, I mean not spoil a book and give you a funny reaction to it instead!

How do you feel about spoilers? Are they a part of your bookish gospel? Or do you internally cringe because you don’t want to give or accidentally read them? Let me know how you feel here in the comments or on social media cause I (kinda) wanna know where I stand amongst the masses of my bookish fam. You can find & follow me on Instagram @bookishgirlmagic, Twitter @bookishgrlmagic and Clubhouse @bookishgrlmagic where you can find me mostly in book centered clubs/rooms (primarily on Tuesdays and Fridays). Also subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already because it makes me feel like someone has pitched me a new book without spoiling it! Sending y’all bookish love and wishing you happy reading! And remember, like with drugs, just say no to spoilers! Bye Y’all!


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