Look how BOMB this US cover is!!!!!!!
  • Author: Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé
  • Debut
  • Genre: YA Thriller
  • Background: Nigerian-British
  • IG-@faridahlikestea; Twitter-@FaridahLikesTea; https://www.faridahabikeiyimide.com/
  • Release Date: 6/1/2021 (out NAOW in the US!), 6/10/2021 (UK)
  • Publisher: Feiwel And Friends (Imprint of MacMillan)
  • Favorite Character-I’m going with the QUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN CHIAMAKA! If you ever watched 90 Day Fiance, there was a cast member who said “WHO IS AGAINST THE QUEEN WILL DIE!” That quote is what I think of when I think of Chiamaka & potential enemies…she’s just FYRE, A Mood, A Lifestyle…the best to ever do it!
  • Favorite Quote(s)–These are some of Chiamaka’s thoughts: “In this kingdom, the queen doesn’t inherit the crown. To get to the top, she destroys whoever she needs to.” SAAAAAAAAVAGE! “Even though I know I shouldn’t care, it annoys me that when girls know what they want and how they’re going to get it, they’re seen as cocky.” WHHHHHHEEWWWWWWWW PREACH CHI, PREEEEEACCCCHHHHH! Also, let it be a Black girl who knows what they want and it’s like folx are TRIPLE mad about it! “Bitches can smell fear.” GAWD, Chiamaka is so iconic! There is SO MUCH MORE but I want you to read the book so you can take in all of Chiamaka’s glory because sis CAAAARRRRRRIESSSS!

*Warning: There WILL be cussing in this post, Don’t be shocked and don’t come for me! Just letting you know ahead of time so you have your pearls ready to clutch in case you are sensitive to cursing. Sorry, not sorry that I’m not as wholesome as I look, lol.*

I think Chiamaka should’ve said this at some point in the book!

*Cracks knuckles and cues up BlackPink* Sooooooo, I’m not a violent person (okay, yes, I can be despite being a Hufflepuff) but OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH *Fist to mouth*, I wanted to take my earrings off so bad, grab some vaseline and lace up my timbs (if I still had a pair, I’m failing as a New Yorker right now) while reading this book! I don’t think I’ve wanted to fight so many people in one book, which was basically the entire population, which must’ve been a record! It also poked at my lack of trust in humanity issue because I was lookin’ at EVERYONE sideways… I was like Bruno Mars on some “Is it you?” but it damn sure wasn’t me! These bitches were on some other shit and definitely, their privilege was one of those things they were high off of! The need to bitch slap people was SO STRONG this entire book!


So this book is comped as Gossip Girl meets Get Out…and it’s accurate. Though, I have a confession to make…I never watched Gossip Girl (take your judgments somewhere else). SO, I’m going to add I Know What You Did Last Summer and Seven (minus all the gore). When you read this book, you will see JUST how accurate adding those two movies in are if you have ever watched them. I hardly ever pay attention to the comps on books but due to the accuracy, when I speak to people about this book (which has been A LOT, I’m tryna get Faridah these coins), I actually use the comp with my additions. I was recently at a family function talking about this book and several others with others who are librarians & book lovers and THIS BOOK is what perked one of my cousin’s ears up (good call cuzzo, good call). Just like while watching Get Out, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Seven, I felt so many things, all of the things really! I wanted to look away but just couldn’t, which is the same when it came to reading Ace Of Spades…I just COULD NOT put it down and could NOT stop thinking about it! This book NEEDS to be a movie!

Tiffany is me, having a moment about this book

Speaking of not being able to stop thinking about it, my mind was FULL of conspiracy theories…I was constantly DMing Faridah and another bookstagrammer, @recitrachel, with my theories, thoughts, blow ups… I was on one hell of a roller coaster and I wasn’t sitting on it alone, that is for DAMN SURE! If my stomach was dropping, someone else’s stomach would be dropping WITH me! I hate roller coasters, btw, but THIS ONE, I would stay on all day! I was pissed that I had to adult AT ALL because I just wanted to read (maybe I am in the wrong line of work). It was like how dare I need to work to pay bills when I could be reading Ace Of Spades at that moment (capitalism at it’s finest, am I right?)…or why is sleep even necessary when all I want is to read this book, knowing good and damn well I’m going to dream about what was going to happen next (which, this did happen). In fact, in my copy of Ace Of Spades there is a Suspect List on the last page of part 1…this wasn’t a game and I certainly wasn’t here for play play people!

Not you Maya, I’m lookin’ at everyone else Funny!

Speaking of suspect lists, I seriously was looking at ALL THESE BITCHES SIDEWAYS, I’m pretty sure I Side-Eyed the actual book complete with pursed auntie lips at points! Everyone was sus to me, absolutely no one was off the chopping block in my opinion! I was keeping up with shit people said, how I thought they said it and why it was sus… I was a like bookish detective the entire time without any sort of badge. When I say that my ears (despite not listening to it), eyes and mind stayed perked up & on the look out, I mean that shit. This is one book I could NOT let my defenses down on! This book seriously just reaffirmed why I don’t trust people…*coughes* [redacted] *coughes* because SOOOOO MANY REASONS!!!!!! #TrustNoBitch remains a thing, thanks to Ace Of Spades! I can’t stop shouting about this book because it just evokes that energy and I’m not finna apologize for that either! I bet if you read AOS, you will do the exact same, WATCH!

It’s true, I couldn’t trust NONE of those hoes!

Lemme get to talking about the two characters that are pretty much safe to talk about, as this is a duel POV book (which, y’all know I live for multiple POVs) without spoilers, lol! First, I’m going to start with Devon…our dear sweet and slightly shady while being a bit of a wimp Devon! I love Devon, I really really do but sometimes, I just really wanted him to say shit with his chest…like, MY DUDE, don’t keep your thoughts to yourself, say that shit LOUD and don’t back down! If I could’ve stood in front of him and shaken him, I would’ve been like “you just being at that school is an act of resistance, FUCK SHIT UP MY GUY”. If you big mad, BE big mad and put folks in their place rather than turning the other cheek. I understood though, the need to keep quiet because of the stakes at risks but if folks are going to come for you, you might as well put on your big kid drawers, heavy armor and let out that battle cry…nahmean?! I will say that I was super happy when his balls finally dropped and he started to push back in his own way! I had a few proud auntie moments where I may or may not have wiped away a tear in relief that he used his voice! I loved being in his mind but he was no Queen Chiamaka………..speaking of….*Smirks*

Just do it Devon, you will feel so much better when you do!

MY QUEEEEEEEEEEEN CHIAMAKA is THE GOAT, That Bitch, the one worthy of wearing the muthafuckin’ crown, a GAWDDAMN SAVAGE! All should bow to her and I will not walk that sentiment back! Yes, she clawed her way to the top, the way that so many Black Women & Girls before her have had to and like a BAWSE, but she also EARNED it! One of the things that I loved about Chiamaka is the fact that she wasn’t afraid to let you know she wasn’t for play play (tricks are for kids silly rabbit, not Chiamaka), to show her fangs and let folks know that she was no one to fuck with, but she also could list her accomplishments without batting an eyelash cause she knew she did that shit. I loved how unapologetic she was, even when her back was against the wall. The way her mind worked was simply superb. I would gladly follow her into battle cause she stays with a plan & has the most savage of natures. Sis was out for blood and I would help her draw it, no questions asked! Chiamaka’s character was simply *chef’s kiss* and I hope she opens the door for more Black Girls to be unapologetically themselves, to not bend when others are trying to break them, to be fierce as they break down the barriers built up in front of them. UGH, I just loved her SO MUCH! I also kept saying to myself (and to Faridah & Rachel) that Chiamaka BETTER get her her Angela Bassett in Waiting To Exhale moment or else… You will just have to read to find out if she got that moment, now won’t you?! *Mischievous smirk on 1000*

This is how I imagined Chiamaka the entire time and I LIVEDDDDD! I also REALLY wanted to use this gif!

Now, I could talk about those other characters & be specific…I could talk about Aces…. but those bitches aren’t worth much of my time! There really wasn’t a side character that I really liked (Terrell and Andre were okay, I guessssssss, but neither went to Niveus). What I will say is that I often referred to the majority as hoes (as I often do with the bad guys, it has nada nada to do with sexuality). Their privilege had them on some next level shit… The way I wanted to fight them, was a type of aggression that no one should see in me but alas, the world is filled with fools like them that think they’re invincible. I was ready to suit up like I was in the book myself. I lived for the moments where they got cut down and please believe that Chiamaka did a lot of cutting down in such brilliantly savage ways that they were most deserving of, which gave me everlasting life!

The center is everyone at Niveus so make it “they’s a hoe”

There is SOOOOOOOO MUCH that I could say, SOOOOOOOOOOOO much more that I WANT to say but can’t because I’m not about that spoiler lyfe *cries*. Just know that this book is FUCKING PHENOMENAL and worth EVERY.SINGLE.MOMENT of your time that you give to it. It will leave your mind reeling and give you trust issues…and you won’t regret it, I PROMISE YOU! I haven’t let you down before and I definitely won’t start now! I’m absolutely OBSESSED with this book and I believe you will feel the same by time you finish it! I have to give Faridah ALL-AH-HER-FLOWERS because she did that shit, on EVERYTHING I Love, she did! If you haven’t gone out and picked up this book, stop playin and go get it! Whether you request it from your local library or buy the book in your favorite medium, just do it RET NOAW because you are losin’ by waiting (it just had to be said, sorry, not sorry *’Ye shrug*)!

I shouted this a lot while reading cause of shit said and I think it would be to not read this book *shrug*

*Claps* I know I’ve occupied enough of your time so I’mma end this here. You now know how I feel about Ace Of Spades and that I’m absolutely putting my stamp of approval on it! If you wanna talk about this book with me, come holla at me on all of the social medias (be sure to follow me as well): Instagram @bookishgirlmagic, Twitter @bookishgrlmagic and Clubhouse @bookishgrlmagic where you can typically find me in book centered clubs/rooms. As y’all know by now if you have been rockin’ with me for a while, I’m sending you bookish love and wishing you the happiest of reading! PEACE!

The UK cover which is also dope but I love the US cover more!


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