Look At This Gorgeous Cover!
  • Amanda Joy
  • 2nd book, sequel
  • Genre: YA Fantasy
  • Heritage/Background: Black/Black People Magic
  • Social Media: IG @amandajoywrites; Twitter @amandajoywrites
  • Release: 3/16/2021
  • Publisher:Putnam (Penguin Random House)
  • Favorite Character: Aketo still remains me favorite…don’t be surprised, I’m pretty loyal! I will say though…I started to like Isa a bit more in this book…*shock face*
  • Favorite Quote: I love a good innuendo so here is one compliments a la my boo Aketo. “Perhaps I have not been expressing my…gratitude toward your fearless nature adequately if you have need to remind me.” When I say my eyebrow raised, it definitely raised and let out a “ooooooooooooo” when I read that!

So, if you have been following my blog since the beginning, you will know that I was OBSESSED with A River Of Royal Blood, Amanda Joy’s Debut…and my favorite blog post written to date because I had SO MUCH FUN! If you haven’t read that post, here is the link jusssst so you can understand how HYPE I am about this sequel! There is DEFINITELY cursing in that post so proceed with caution but I did have the best time writing it! I will work VERY hard to keep this one family friendly but keep that same energy!

My obsession with ARORB and AQOGH may not be but it’s my truth and I’m okay with this reality!

I was REALLY salty that I couldn’t get my hands on an ARC of A Queen Of Gilded Horns but the way I made myself feel better was by telling myself I was going to buy it anyway (the lies we tell ourselves, am I right?). I also pre-ordered the prologues app special edition book box for AQOGH! I did a live unboxing on instagram and here is the link to that so you can see how excited I was about it! I finished the book I was reading at the time at like a record speed so I could get to AQOGH cause I was super anxious to get back to this story & I’m #TeamOneBookAtATime (I’ve got attention span issues *shrugs*).

Me, getting ready to read this book and the people who watched my live baring witness to this energy

It feels like I was waiting for this book FORRRRRRRRRRREVERRRRRRRRRRR but BAY-BAY…it was WORFFFFFFFFF it! It was around two years of waiting and I wouldn’t want to do it again (because #Impatient) but I would because this was the sequel that ARORB deserved! We not only got to go back into Eva’s world but got to see even more of it, learn more about the different types of magick and meet so many new and dope characters! I would love if some of them could get their own books and if Amanda Joy could make that happen, I would be eternally grateful! Not only did we get new characters but we got MULTIPLE POINTS OF VIEW! Y’all know how I loveeeeeeeee books with Multiple POVs! It gave my bookish heart all of the warm and fuzzies…I adore Amanda Joy even more for this!

#Accurate #DisMe

Since this is a sequel and we know I don’t do spoilers, I’m going to talk about characters mostly but here are a few things that did not change from ARORB to AQOGH: 1) I still love Aketo as I did from ARORB, he is forever bae! 2) I still think Eva & Isa’s mom was on some hoe ish as they revisited things that she did in the past and I would gladly fight her if she didn’t have magick…it would be like bringing a knife to a gun fight…but gimme some magick and its ONNNN. 3) I love me some Baccha, even though he can be flaky AF (tell me where my lie is). 4) Isa is still a beeotch (once a beeotch, always a beeotch but the size of said beeotchiness can change). 5) The magicks are so dopeeeeee and I wanna wield some of them! 6) Falun & Aketo remain the holy grail of homies/road dawgs/besties with some new additions in AQOGH! Needless to say, I loved AQOGH as much as I did ARORB!

Me to ARORB & AQOGH and their casts.

Since I started with Isa the last time, I will start with her again here. When Amanda said during one of the book events that we may like Isa a little more in this book, I actually doubted her…I was all like “NAHHHHHHHHHHH, the hate will remain real”……….and Amanda was right, I hated her a lot less. So I just want to say to Amanda, I apologize for ever doubting you and that won’t ever happen again. Was she still a hoe x10, yup cause I said what I said, but was she the same in how she was in ARORB, no, she actually wasn’t! There was a lot about Isa that we didn’t get to learn in the first book and a range of emotion that we didn’t get to see as well. Being an older sibling is a complicated business that can be super messy and confusing… something I have seemed to forget seeing as my younger sister is now a grown a$$ woman. We got to learn how much more of a pawn Isa was and just how dirty their mama was. I also appreciated how REAL Isa was in this book…she was not there for the Rose colored glasses outlook, which I was 1000% here for! She told it like it was, how she knew things to be and y’all know I’m here for the real ones of the literary world! I still wasn’t in love with her but I was a lot less in hate with her this time around! *shocked face*

The intensity of the dislike is less doe Isa *shrug*

As for Eva & Isa’s mom doe…I’m keep this one short and sweet…I still don’t like her, actually I hate her…and this gif totally sums up that up…

Because only Dave Chappelle could bring the energy I needed on this one!

Moving on to my favvvvvv, Aketo! *cue all the heart emojis and confetti guns* He remains my boooooooo and deserves a championship belt for that! I still got all the warm and tinglys that I felt when he first stepped onto the page in ARORB when he was mentioned in AQOGH. He remained the love interest that I…I mean Eva deserves! We learned so much more about him and his family history that felt a bit like a shock to the system at times! Aketo went through so much and the fact that he was able to be so level headed and not more morally grey than he was is incredible! I think it just made me love and appreciate him so much more! I can’t say much more because I don’t want to give anything away but I love him soooooo much especially since he kept the innuendos up and I’m a sucker for that sh…I mean, stuff *smirks*!

Me to Aketo…I mean Eva to Aketo & Aketo right back at her

My favorite homies, Falun & Baccha, remained favorites through out this book since we got to see more of & learn more about them. Falun remained the homie that would give the two finger tap when Eva needed it. He didn’t hesitate to keep it real with Eva and continued to support her when he thought she was doing the most. I also really LOVED his level of shade and pettiness in this book… good shade and above healthy level of petty will always and forever be my jam! Falun is the forever ride or die, the type that we all could use on our teams.

Falun to Eva…he gave some solid advice throughout this journey!

Now, as for Baccha…I love him, I really and truly do but my dude was hella flaky in this book and I just wanted to slap him upside his head in the most loving of ways at times. He was that friend that you know if you reach out to them, you may or may not get a response and if you get a response, it’s one that would make you side eye your phone…yup, that friend. I mean, he did let us all know who he was in the first book but my dude, you could also break the cycle SOMETIMES! I’m pretty sure I face palmed a few times as well when Baccha appeared but like with any of our friends like this, we still love their flaky selves!

I really do Baccha, I really really do!

What can I say about Eva that I didn’t say in the previous post? Honestly, so much because she really BAWSED UP in this book! She was really on some “Don’t start no sh*t, won’t be no sh*t” type vibes in this book and I was completely here for every single moment of it. Eva held strong to her convictions and didn’t let anyone change what didn’t need to be changed. She learned so much about herself and how much more she was capable of that all you could really do was lean back and be in awe of her…at least, I was! Eva was every bit the leader and student that she needed to be…and she also let her inner nerd out, which I basically live for! I say let that inner nerd shine at all times, come with the historical receipts when folks try it and no one can doubt you! My love for Eva was great….just not greater than that of my love for Aketo, lol (sorry, I just had to)!

The Bawse energy Eva was coming with during this book, sans the cigar

There was SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH TEA SPILLED in this book! It basically blew all of the doors open, how much tea was spilled and I LIVEDDDDD! I need for all of you to read it so I can have people to talk about all of this piping hot tea…so please…I’m begging you…go read this book! If you haven’t read ARORB, I’mma need you to read that first then read AQOGH immejiately after! My face was like… “OOOOOOOOO” quite a bit during this read and I got my entire life at the same time!

And tea, Amanda Joy did give!

Seriously Y’all, this sequel was everything I could’ve ever wanted and more! So much so that I’m salty that this is a duology and wish it was a trilogy! I want more of the characters because there is so much more to explore with them and hereby petition to Amanda Joy that they get their own books or at the very least, novellas! I lay myself at Amanda’s feet and mercy, in hopes that she will answer this petition! In all seriousness, I LOVED this duology so much and think everyone needs to read it because it is an effin’ masterpiece!

This duology deserves all of the the chef’s kisses!

I also believe that this duology needs to be on a small or big screen so I could be all up in the opening nights with my popcorn, ready to watch everything go down like my dude in this gif! ARORB and AQOGH would be brilliant as a series…for real for real! Just imagine Eva and Isa throwing down or Aketo giving all the smolder on the screen *deep sigh*…ughhhhhhhh, it would be amazing! Netflix, hulu, HBO, Showtime…SOMEONE make this happen but do it RIGHT PLEASE! The fandom demands this!

Without shame, this would be me on opening night

Welp everyone, I hope I have put up a convincing enough testimony as to why you need to go out and get AQOGH (and ARORB) if you haven’t already! This duology was everything and I *believe* you will think so too once you read it! So my peeples, as usual, I’m wishing you all Happy Reading and sending Bookish love your way! Feel free to find and follow me on all of the social medias: Instagram @bookishgirlmagic, Twitter @bookishgrlmagic and Clubhouse @bookishgrlmagic where you can typically find me in the Diverse Shelves club rooms for more bookish banter! Until the next post, PEACE, LOVE AND HAIR GREASE!

Because y’all needed to see the covers side by side!

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