As a Black Woman in America I wanted to take this time to use my platform to support another community, the AAPI community. I’ve looked at the news of all the violence against AAPI and it feels way too familiar…it’s a trauma that no one deserves to have inflicted upon their community over and over again. It would be idealistic to say that this is recent but those of us who have truly studied the history of this country (the world, really) know that it is far from recent. I won’t get into all of that but what I will say is that it is WAY past time for POC communities to use our collective voices and stand behind those who are suffering and provide support to each other. It is also time for those who call themselves our “allies” to really put themselves to work and speak up for those who are being seen as targets…to use the privilege(s) they have to check the people around them when they are wrong and not flinch if there is push back.

It’s not too late to join in on this on instagram

For this post, I’m going to do what I do best and provide a list of AAPI authors and their books, most will be YA & MG but there are some children’s & adult books as well. Of course, I would recommend purchasing their books if you are able but requesting from your local library also helps boost the visibility/demand of their work. Also, following these authors on Social media and sharing their posts are also helpful to them as well. I did a post that is similar on the Spill The DiversaTea Blog (this also has some AAPI owned Bookstores and Tea companies, if you are looking to support some) but I’m posting all the AAPI authors that are currently on my shelves (or TBR) and their books that I know of (that I haven’t read) so this list will be much longer. The books that are in series are on one line & if a book as not come out yet, the tentative release date is next to the title.

Will you answer the call?

Also, throughout this post, you will see graphics that were created by @travelling.the.pages, an Asian American bookstagrammer who has been working on the #StandUpForAAPI campaign in conjunction with other AAPI bookstagrammers. I hope you will support their mission. I have asked her permission to use her graphics and I am grateful that she has granted my request!

  • Renee Ahdieh
    • The Rose & The Dagger and The Wrath & The Dawn
    • Smoke In The Sun and Flame In The Mist
    • The Beautiful and The Damned
  • Samira Ahmed
    • Love, Hate & Other Filters
    • Internment
    • Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know
    • Amira & Hamza: The War To Save The Worlds (MG 9/21/2021)
  • Nafiza Azad
    • The Candle And The Flame
    • The Wild Ones (8/3/2021)
  • Nandini Bajpai
    • A Match Made In Mehendi
    • Sister Of The Bollywood Bride (5/25/2021)
  • Tanaz Bhathena
    • Hunted By The Sky & Rising Like A Storm (6/22/2021)
  • Waka T. Brown
    • While I Was Away
  • Gloria Chao
    • American Panda
    • Our Wayward Fate
    • Rent-A-Boyfriend
  • Sona Charaipotra
    • Tiny Pretty Things & Shiny Broken Pieces (co-authored)
    • Symptoms Of A Heartbreak
  • Kat Cho
    • Wicked Fox & Vicious Spirits
  • Mary HK Choi
    • Emergency Contact
    • Permanent Record
    • Yolk
  • Roshani Chokshi
    • Aru Shah And The End Of Time, Aru Shah And The Song Of Death, Aru Shah And The Tree Of Wishes & Aru Shah And The City Of Gold *MG Series* (4/6/2021)
    • The Gilded Wolves, The Silvered Serpents & The Bronzed Beasts (9/21/2021)
    • Once More Upon A Time (10/6/2021)
  • Rin Chupeco
    • The Girl From The Well & The Suffering
    • The Bone Witch, The Heart Forger & The Shadowglass
    • The Never Tilting World & The Ever Cruel Kingdom
    • Wicked As You Wish 
  • Mintie Das
    • Brown Girl Ghosted
  • Hafsah Faizal
    • We Hunt the Flame & We Free The Stars
  • Maurene Goo
    • Since You Asked
    • I Believe In A Thing Called Love
    • The Way You Make Me Feel
    • Somewhere Only We Know
  • Nina Hamza
    • Ahmed Aziz’s Epic Year *MG* (6/22/2021)
  • Jenny Han
    • The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s Not Summer Without You & We’ll Always Have Summer
    • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, P.S. I Still Love You & Always And Forever, Lara Jean
  • Joan He
    • Descendant Of The Crane
    • The One’s We’re Meant To Find (5/4/2021)
  • Joanna Ho
    • Eyes That Kiss At The Corners *Children’s book*
    • Playing At The Border *Children’s book* (9/28/2021)
  • June Hur
    • The Silence Of Bones
    • The Forest Of Stolen Girls (4/20/2021)
  • Jessica Jung
    • Shine & Bright (9/28/2021)
  • Graci Kim
    • The Last Fallen Star *MG* (5/4/2021)
  • Kevin Kwan
    • Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich Girlfriend & Rich People Problems (adult)
  • Remi Lai
    • Pawcasso *MG* (5/11/2021)
  • Rajani Larocca
    • Red, White And Whole
    • Bracelets For Bina’s Brothers *picture Book* (4/20/2021)
  • Loan Le
    • A Pho Love Story
  • Jayce Lee
    • A Sweet Mess (adult)
  • Lori M. Lee
    • Forest Of Souls & Broken Web (6/15/2021)
  • Lyla Lee
    • I’ll Be The One
  • Stephan Lee
    • K-Pop Confidential
  • Elizabeth Lim
    • Spin The Dawn & Unravel The Dusk
    • Six Crimson Cranes (7/6/2021)
  • Malinda Lo
    • Ash & Huntress (prequel)
    • Last Night At The Telegraph Club
  • Tahereh Mafi
    • Shatter Me, Destroy Me, Fracture Me, Unravel Me, Ignite Me, Restore Me, Shadow Me, Reveal Me & Imagine Me.
    • Furthermore & Whichwood
    • A Very Large Expanse Of Sea
    • An Emotion of Great Delight (6/1/2021)
  • Syed M. Masood
    • More Than Just A Pretty Face
    • Bad Muslim Discount
  • Zoe Hana Mikuta
    • Gearbreakers (6/29/2021)
  • Lily Menon
    • Make Up Break Up (adult)
  • Sandhya Menon
    • When Dimple Met Rishi, There’s Something About Sweetie & 10 Things I Hate About Pinky
    • From Twinkle With Love
    • Of Curses And Kisses & Of Princes And Promises (6/8/2021)
  • Sarena & Sasha Nanua
    • Sisters of The Snake (6/15/2021)
  • Natasha Ngan
    • Girls Of Paper And Fire & Girls Of Storm And Shadow
  • Ellen Oh & Elsie Chapman
    • A Thousands Beginnings And Endings Anthology
  • Emily X.R. Pan
    • The Astonishing Color Of After
  • Suzanne Park
    • The Perfect Escape
  • Anuradha D. Rajurkar
    • American Betiya
  • Rachel Ray & Ava Dash
    • 96 Words For Love
  • E.L. Shen
    • The Comeback *MG*
  • Sarah Suk
    • Made In Korea (5/18/2021)
  • Andrea Tang
    • Rebelwing & Renegade Flight
  • Swati Teerdhala
    • The Tiger At Midnight, The Archer At Dawn & The Chariot At Dusk (6/29/2021)
  • Shveta Thakkar
    • Star Daughter
  • Lindsay Wong
    • My Summer Of Love & Misfortune
  • Kelly Yang
    • Parachutes (YA)
    • Front Desk, Three Keys & Room To Dream (9/21/2021) (MG)
  • F.C. Yee
    • The Epic Crush Of Genie Lo & The Iron Will Of Genie Lo
  • Jennifer Yen
    • A Taste For Love
  • David Yoon
    • Frankly In Love
    • Super Fake Love Song
    • Version Zero (5/25/2021)
  • Mimi Yu
    • The Girl King & Empress Of Flames
  • Amelie Wen Zhao
    • Blood Heir & Red Tigress

I know that there are so many more AAPI authors out there that I have yet to see or have not yet debuted. These are just the ones that I’ve read or have in my TBR and pay attention to when they have new books out! I hope that you will choose to support these authors, whether it’s by following them on social media, ordering a book or a few or requesting their work from your libraries.

I also hope that you will take some of the action steps provided in the graphics. As my home girl & fellow bookstagrammer @iamcaseyrkelley likes to say “Support Is A Verb”. I hope that you find this post informative and that the action steps are doable for you. Remember that this is more than just a moment, it’s a movement! Let’s all support the AAPI Community during this trying time.

Sending Love to the AAPI community

As usual, I’m wishing you all Happy Reading and sending Bookish love your way! Feel free to find and follow me on all of the social medias: Instagram @bookishgirlmagic, Twitter @bookishgrlmagic and Clubhouse @bookishgrlmagic, especially on Tuesdays for the Pub Day: YA Edition room under the Diverse Shelves club for more bookish banter! Until the next post, please be safe out there.


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