• Jordan Ifueko
  • Debut; First in a series
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Heritage/Background: Nigerian-American; descended from Yoruba & Bini Tribes
  • IG: @jordanifueko; Twitter: @jifueko
  • Release: 8/18/2020 (TAHDAY, depending on the timezone you’re in)
  • Publisher: Amulet Books
  • Favorite Character: Sanjeet! There is so much to love about him! When Tarisai first met him…I just knew, I knew he would be someone special and he sooooooooooo is!
  • Favorite Quote(s): “Sleep well, sunshine girl. I will take whatever dreams you give me.”-Sanjeet. I melted when I read that…Where is my Sanjeet to say such sweet things to me?! Another I loved: “You let me carry your story. I trust you to carry mine.”-Sanjeet…*sigh* *swoon* And now I’m a puddle.
First, let’s take a moment to appreciate this fire AF US cover!

Quite a few months ago (loooooooong before the Pandemic was ever thought to be a reality), a friend of mine told me that she had a book that she felt that I would love… and wow, was that an understatement! From the moment she put the ARC in my hands, I was head over heels in love! From the gorgeous cover of a Beautiful Black Girl to the poetic words & images, I was a goner Y’all! Jordan will forever have a Stan in me! She painted the most beautiful scenery, dropped hella gems and wrote characters that arrested your thoughts throughout the book (and one may or may not dream about when not reading)…the whole time, it played out like a movie in my mind and I was here for every moment of it!

I loved Tarisai and her magical self (her hallow is crazy cool)! When she was talking about growing up, I felt like her every action would’ve been mine in her situation…hell, it would be me NOW in quarantine, except I only have my shadow to drive mad instead of a bunch of tutors, lol! I love how adventurous she is (as she spoke about her childhood), how she embraces others and how “bout that life” she is. I completely understood how she longed for family the way she did as well as her need to belong & have real human interaction (hella relatable right now). Tarisai is so dope and I wanted so much for her to get all the things she wanted, the willpower to fight and to love openly, especially since she couldn’t love The Lady in the way she wanted to. I just really wanted all of the good things for her & I’m sure you will too when you read Raybearer (*hint* *hint* *wink* *wink*).

I need a minute to talk about my favorite, Sanjeet! He’s been through so much but how ever he managed to be the sweetest soul, just *ughhhhhhhh* (I say this in a good way) I love him so muchhhhhh! He had me melting a lot throughout the story… I just wanted to give him hugs and rest his head on my shoulder while playing in his hair (judge me if you want) & telling him everything will be okay (he deserves all of the comforting words). I love how kind, considerate and loyal he is…like he is my type of dude, for real for real! Truly, Sanjeet deserves all the best things and more! He said some of the most sincere things I’ve ever read that just turned me into puddles. Because I want you to experience those feels, I will not share more of his quotes but read the book and partake in the *heart eyes emoji* moments I, I mean Tarisai, had with Sanjeet throughout the story.

Dayo is another boy that I loved, but of course, he is meant to be loved! As much as he is the opposite of Tarisai in how he was raised & the attentions he received, they are so much alike…the craving for deeper connections, to be loved for who he is as a person and not for the title that he holds. He’s so super sweet, almost to the point of sickening, but he is also quite entitled. When he had those moments of entitlement, I wanted to smack him in the most loving of ways but he eventually redeemed himself so we would be on good terms again. Dayo had/has sooooooo much to learn but I was definitely rooting for him…he’s a good kid! I definitely wanted all of the good things for him, like I did Tarisai & Sanjeet! You likely will feel the same when you read the book (*wink*).

The Lady is one of those characters that you just want to fight…like put vaseline on your face & take off your earrings then invite her outside when she’s mentioned or pops up. She made me scream at the book SO MUCH during her parts. I have zero patience for people (real or literary) that treat children as pawns, which is how she treated Tarisai. I get that she went through some ish in her past but don’t do Tarisai like that! I know there is a complexity to mother-daughter relationships, especially Black mother-daughter relationships as someone in such a relationship, but this took it to a WHOLE different level! I just really wanted to square up with her, much like I did with Arrah’s mom in Kingdom Of Souls (see my blog post for reference) and that’s just where I’m at with this woman… I’m sure you will feel the same way once you read the book!

There is so much more I would love to say but I will not because I am not about that spoiler life! I do invite you to find me on social media so we can talk about it because I loved this book SO EFFIN’ MUCH! For those who know me & are like “why are you not cursing? It’s one of your favorite pastimes! (LOL)” I’m watching my language because I’ve chosen this book for September for the Magical Black Kids Book Club & I want the kids to read this post without their parent’s worrying I’ll corrupt their minds (I’m an angel, y’all, lol)! But know that I was thinking of all the cuss words in both good and bad (especially in regards to The Lady) ways, lol!

Seriously though, this book was EVERYTHING and even in rereading quotes, I found myself falling back into the story & I’m not one for rereading! Jordan did such an amazing job with this book and I needed Book 2 like months ago! I had initially read the book before the pandemic & in anticipation for the original release date to post about it. I was so heartbroken when the date got pushed back because the whole world needed to have this book in their hands (and so I could talk about it with people rather than holding onto my thoughts and bothering Jordan every once in a while in her DMs, lol). Jordan is a flippin’ poetic genius and this book was one heck of a way to put her stamp on the literary world as a debut! Raybearer is just…*chef’s kiss*… I seriously loved it so much, I don’t know how many times I could possibly say that! I can NOT WAIT to see where Tarisai goes in book 2 (when will that be happening Jordan? I’ve been going through Council sickness for too long!) and what heart melting things my, I mean Another character’s, boo Sanjeet will say and do!

So Run to your local (Indie) bookstore or library and GET THIS BOOK! I promise you that you will not regret it, on everything I love (and that’s a serious statement, y’all)! If you want to join us for the September MBKBC discussion of Raybearer, click this link to sign up (there is no cost to join, the kids are priority in terms of who gets to speak first but adults are welcome to share their thoughts too)! If you want to chat with me about Raybearer on Social Media, find me on IG @bookishgirlmagic or twitter @bookishgrlmagic! Happy Reading bookish buddies!

The UK Cover deserves recognition too…and look closely at it!

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