Dear Haiti, Love Alaine Had Me In My Feelings

  • Maika & Maritza Moulite (Sisters)
  • Debut, Stand alone
  • Genre: YA Contemporary
  • Heritage: Haitian-American (*waves Haitian Flag*)
  • IG: @maritzamoulite, @maikamoulite;
  • Release: 9/3/2019 (Go get it NOW!)
  • Publisher: inkyard press
  • Favorite character: It’s a tie between Alaine and her mother, they’re like mirror images of each other, stubborn, willful, snarky and super dope!
  • Favorite Quote: (Or in this case, quoteS) “(Seriously, I’ve done so much adulting these past few weeks I’ve been looking into retirement options.)”-Alaine…well, I’ll be damned if that isn’t how I feel every day! “I followed her suggestion to kiss the air and give each of her relatives’ cheeks a little bump.”-Alaine about greeting her friend Tatiana’s family (they are also Haitian)…one of the things I hate the most when going to someone’s house is this greeting… I don’t like people enough for that but I have home training (Grandma, Grandpa, Dad, If you are reading this, I give you all actual kisses on your cheeks, I promise I’m not a savage…Love Y’all!)! There are so many more statements I loved but I’m not going to give away more, read the book & find your own favorite quotes!

Alright, how do I kick this off…hmmmm? *Taps chin* I have to start by saying that I loved Dear Haiti, Love Alaine so flipping much…I loved it so much that I purchased multiple copies after finishing it (as a receipt, see picture above) & I know I will purchase more in the future! The last time I purchased multiple copies of a book was Children of Blood And Bone over a period of time but I’m definitely on track to purchase more copies than I did of CBB (I purchased like 7 copies). I purchased a copy for my grandparents (fun fact, my grandpa is a retired librarian), just to drive home the point that I really loved DHLA!

As you may or may not know, I’m half Haitian (*Biggie Smalls voice* If you don’t knowwwwwwww, now you knowwwww baybahbaby) so when I saw this book shouted out, it was instantly placed on my anticipated reads list. I missed the ARCs but I knew I was buying this book. As I read, DHLA proved why I was looking forward to it and why it was worth the wait but even more so, it became deeply personal for me. I grew up around my father’s side (the Haitian side) of the family, most holidays as well as lots of free time spent with them (my grandpa has attended every graduation of mine, he represented for my grandma who could not travel) and yet, I didn’t learn as much about the rich history of Haiti as I would’ve liked to and not to mention the language (I understand a little but I’m going to change that) nor have I been there (something I feel disappoints my Haitian grandma & you never want to do that so I must change that as well).

As a mixed kid (as previously stated in my post about Permanent Record), it bothered me that I was lacking in this arena but DHLA lit a fire under my ass after it broke me (my therapist thinks seeing it as enlightening rather than breaking is better way of putting it), made my eyes leak but also helped put me back together. I’m proud to be of Haitian descent, to have blood that runs through my veins of such a resilient & strong people and to have ancestors that would never let me forget the stock that I come from… This book reminded me of that as the acknowledgement of that part of myself had become dormant in my mind (but not my heart). I cried for like 20+ minutes after reading the acknowledgements though I did not expect to…this is because that piece of myself needed to be seen, felt and heard (well, in this case read; #RepresentationMatters). So so so so so many thanks to Maritza and Maika for that gift (I’m listening to Kompa as I write this :0), you should pull some up on youtube or the Kompa/Zouk Spotify playlist as you read this).

Enough about me, let’s talk about Alaine! Ole’ girl is HILARIOUS! She’s intelligent/a know it all, sarcastic (she spoke my language so beautifully), slightly awkward around boys (me too Alaine, me too), creative, a problem solver and determined. Though she didn’t always demonstrate it, Alaine also had grace…how she didn’t end up in juvie dealing with certain classmates is beyond me because I would be in prison rather than my apartment typing this right now (I really wanted to crawl into the book and snatch a few wigs y’all)…but in Alaine’s case, thank goodness for divine intervention (Baby Jesus wrapped in fleece) and a hyper vigilant Haitian Father that she wasn’t fated for that ending!

Another thing to note is Alaine’s love for peanuts & food (my grandpa used to make a chicken dish with peanuts he imported from Haiti that was everything to me but that was BV-Before Vegan [I will find a vegan way to make that dish some day])…Haitian food is amazing, especially djon djon/black rice (my favsies)… I feel like when it is home cooked, it’s a means of showing love & care, it was for my grandpa (but he’s passing the torch, he’s 93 y’all); I feel like Alaine captured that perfectly in how she spoke about food. I love how Alaine described food with such fondness in the details she gave, I could see it in my mind & could smelled it which triggered memories of my grandpa in the kitchen & my grandma asking if we ate (I seriously love my grandparents, if you haven’t noticed by now). When Alaine talked about her mom cooking/baking & throwing down or criticizing, she also made me think of my mom in the kitchen (my mom is Trini but moms/aunts/grandmas in the kitchen is like a universal language)… Basically this book felt like a love letter to family as well… like a heart beat that sounds melodic and comforting in its presence.

Alaine’s sense of humor, how she wrote and how she responded to people & situations reminded me a lot of myself at her age and now (aye, I’m still growing even though I’m technically a grown ass woman *shrugs*). Like I said, Alaine is hella funny and I laughed a whole lot throughout this book. I loved how she interacted with the people around her as well as her surroundings. When she was in Haiti, it was like a newborn seeing for the first time and since I haven’t been (yet), it was the same for me. As she described the sounds that she experienced, I felt just as overwhelmed as she seemed to be (this is why I wear headphones all the time out in these skreets…New York is hella loud y’all). I experienced it all as if I was standing right next to her!

There were various ways in which Alaine interacted with others such as emails, phone/text as well as in person. I really enjoyed how she communicated with her dad in various ways especially when he baked (who doesn’t love a man who can bake?!) and there is a hilarious text between them that had me rollin’ (read the book to see it). You can also see the different dynamics between Alaine and her mom, her dad, her aunt, etc. It’s really interesting how she communicates and how free she may feel in her expression based upon who she was speaking with. My favorite interactions are between Alaine and her Tante (aunt) Estelle, how her aunt would check her by bringing the receipts (I could feel the mic drops happening in my Spirit when she did that) but it was still very much the “cool” aunt and her favorite niece accompanied by the two finger tap on the shoulder vibe.

I loved and appreciated that there are different mediums throughout the book such as tweets, articles, letters, historical documents along with Alaine’s first hand account. With DHLA being co-authored, everything is seamless in how it reads, it felt as if one person wrote Alaine and the voices of others are distinctly different as if more than two people wrote them (as they should be…it would be weird in a Stepford WivesChildren of the Corn type way if all the voices were singular)…what I’m getting at is that there is no way to tell who wrote what because Maika & Maritza’s voices flowed together so beautifully. Each medium added to the experience, building rich layers in Alaine’s world, piecing together what is impacting Alaine and how it is impacting her without being super obvious (my jaw dropped a few times as the lightbulbs went off in my head). I enjoyed the letters the most since there is something so personal (to me) about the formatting of letters. Seriously, I just think this book was masterfully written!

There aren’t enough words in English, French or Kreyol that could express how much I loved this book. I learned new things about Haiti & it affirmed what it means to BE Haitian… Dear Haiti, Love Alaine was hysterical, heartwarming and it reconnected me to the pride of being Haitian. I seriously cannot say enough good things about this book. It was such a beautiful love letter to Haiti (#AyitiCherie), the ancestors and the people who are SO MUCH more than what the world thinks they are because of circumstances beyond their control & how those circumstances have been presented. Haitians are a people of strength, resilience, spirit & pride and there is so much Beauty in that…I hope that when people pick up this book (with this stunning Black girl on the cover), they feel that as they read Dear Haiti, Love Alaine. If you don’t have this book…*shouting emoji* GET IT NOW! If you have it but haven’t read it yet, move it to the top of your TBR ASAPually! Bon lekti (Happy Reading)!

I attended the launch event at Books Are Magic and had the best time talking to Maika & Maritza! And as you can see, red lipstick was the move for the evening!

Permanent Record Is Deadass Hilarious!

  • Author: Mary H.K. Choi
  • 2nd Book, Stand alone
  • YA Contemporary
  • Heritage/Background: Korean-American
  • IG@choitotheworld;
  • Release date: 9/3/19 (It’s out now so cop it!)
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster
  • Favorite Character: I’m going with the main character, Pablo cause dude was f*cking hilarious. His brother Rain comes in a close second.
  • Favorite Quote: There were mad funny things said throughout the book but I’m going with “But he’s Puerto Rican and Dominican, which is why he’s a hothead. The inner conflict he says is like being Trini and Jamaican.” Pab about his roommate Miggs. As a Trini and Haitian, I FULLY get this! Close second is Tice saying he’s the most Killmonger because he’s Haitian…I feel you on that Tice, I definitely feel you.

Where do I start? Permanent Record was f*cking hilarious from jump! I was reading in a cafe and someone asked me what I was reading & said I was glowing (it could’ve been that they were trying to hit on me or that I was really glowing from laughing so hard *shrugs*, the world may never know). My eyes leaked (I’m a G so books don’t make me cry #TheLiesWeTellOurselves) and my belly moved (I’m not pregnant, just FYI) I laughed so hard while reading this book!

This book was so New York…the usage of deadass to talking about the bodega cat (#RespectTheBodegaCat) just made me feel right at home because it IS my home (most of my life has been spent living in New York, I was born & bred here *screams in Ja Rule’s voice* NY BAYBAYYYYYYY). I could see myself in this story, feel the slosh of the dirty snow, the biting cold in a too thin jacket because you underestimated how cold it would be…and also how valued the bodega is (not every store on the corner is a bodega..remember that sh*t). I live where Papi’s who tell you to smile run the bodega world…bodegas are an NY cornerstone my dude!

Pablo is funny as ffffffffffffffff*ck y’all! His wit, his sense of humor & sarcasm led me to believe that he and I could’ve been the best of friends had he been a real person. I think though that he would make fun of the fact that I’m vegan all the time but I’m sure we could still work and he would find awesome snacks for me via his bodega hookups! Also, his feelings of being lost, lonely, drowning [in financial sh*t] and unsure of his purpose felt way too close to home (#ItMe, this has been me a lot in my adult life). I have to note that, like me, Pab is a #MixedKid and he wrestled with a lot of the same issues I do such as not speaking the language of your respective heritages (thanks Dad…*deep sigh*), where you belong, if you belong more to one than the other and people playing that bullsh*t guessing game of what your background is/asking “what are you?” (I’m human muthaf*cka, the f*ck you think…this is what I think in my mind but I usually sideeye the person, clarify their question then answer).

Pab had a dope ass support system, even though he didn’t always acknowledge that…from his family to his homies, he had a lot more than he realized. His parents seemed like the type of people that you would say “man, I love your parents, I wish my parents were like yours” (I have several friends with parents like that) and somewhat resembled my own. While his mom was strict, it was clear she would do anything for her children (like my dad) & his father was sweet and super supportive (like my mother). Reading this book, they seem like the unlikeliest of matches but also worked in an interesting way! Pab’s brother Rain was also hysterical, serious when necessary but snarky at all the right times…especially with a school situation…you have to read read it to get it…Pink machinery is all I will say (ROTFLMAO).

Pablo’s crew is hella cool, the way they look out for each other & chin check one another. Being that Tice is one of my people (#ShoutOutToTheZoes), he was my favorite of Pab’s friends (I’m biased *shrugs*). He met Pab blow for blow in verbal interactions but also showed he cared about him & what he thought. I sincerely appreciated his Come-To-Jesus Meetings with Pab (I’ve had a few of those with friends, initiated & brought into), I think it’s something that Haitians are just really good at (another biased statement *shrug*). I also have to say that I LOVED that all of Pab’s friends were different mixtures and backgrounds and the fact that he mentioned their backgrounds gave some insight to their character traits. As someone who has friends from a cornucopia of backgrounds, I sincerely appreciated that and it made me feel even closer to the story.

The meet-cute between Lee & Pablo was like the beginning of the ultimate NY love story…like what could be more New York than “we met in a bodega” (#DeadassDeadass) ?! I loved their chemistry, interactions, mutual love for food/snacking (I felt them on that) as well as their care for one another. For sure, I was cheering for them and you may as well! They both made dumb moves in this story but it is also apart of our reality…unfortunately, the dependency on social media and text messages is a real thing (the psychology behind that is mind-blowing) and plays a role in their relationship. Low-Key High-Key depression plays a pretty big part in this too and those dealing with it (*coughs* Pablo *coughs*) take a while to see it.

I loved this book so much, I stayed up until ridiculous hours reading because I wanted to know what would happen next, what wild thing would he say & when Pab would turn things around. Permanent Record was a page turna like a muthaf*cka! Even though I finished this book, I’m still laughing about sh*t that happened (Rain is such an ass, a loveable one but still an ass). This was my first exposure to Mary H.K. Choi but I’ve already picked up Emergency Contact & can’t wait to read it, I’m also sold on whatever else she writes in the future! GO *clap* COP *clap* THIS *clap* BOOK *clap*! Deadass, my stomach hurt from laughing so hard…be prepared for the ab work you’ll do from all the laughter but it’s worth it B.

I attended I attended the Book Launch at Strand Bookstore and got a picture with Mary (she’s gorgeous and hilarious, btw)!

SLAY Was a WORD in Book Form

  • Brittney Morris
  • Debut, Stand Alone
  • YA Contemporary
  • Heritage/Background: Black (read black, black, bliggity black)
  • IG: @brittneymmorris,,
  • Release date: 9/24/2019
  • Publisher: Simon Pulse
  • Favorite character: Steph-she is no-nonsense, ride or die, knowledge dropping and isn’t here for anyone’s [hotep] antics…basically black girl magic!
  • Favorite quote: For me, the dedication is EVERYTHING! “For everyone who has ever had to minimize who you are to be palatable to those who aren’t like you.” Dear GAWD, I wish I had someone to say this to me as a teen!

First of all, *claps* first *claps* of *claps* ALLLLLLLL… There are not enough words to describe how much I LOVED this book! Like, it was was EVERY.DAMN.THING! Hands Down, one of my top 5 reads of the year! From the moment I saw the cover, I knew I had to read it! Not only is there a nerdy Black Girl with natural hair on the cover (#NerdyBlackGirlsRock, #GlassesTribeForever) but the title and color scheme drew me in. I want to say that SLAY was mentioned to me but it doesn’t even matter now because I read it and it Rocked my Entire being! It was happenstance that I got a copy of this ARC as I missed them at bookcon but went to a book meet up and SLAY was one that was up for grabs. When I saw it, I instantly went for it and I only had eyes for SLAY. Everyone let me be great and take it home (thanks for that Book babes!).

Kiera is dope As F*ck, though she hid some of that dopeness from those around her. Being the creator so something so big internationally is like peak Black Girl Magic but hiding such as accomplishment from loved ones has been a trend amongst Black Women for centuries (though this is coming to an end). When Kiera spoke about having a space JUST for US, I felt that in my Spirit! Kiera (Brittney through her) put to words how so many people of color feel. The need to have a space for us, to express ourselves, to feel free and not fear having these expressions & feelings taken from us. She was seriously preaching throughout this book but Brittney hooked me with that!

Kiera/Brittney also spoke about the varying expressions of Blackness…from the shades of our skin (oh how I love the different hues of our skin), mannerisms, cultures, languages, fashion but our commonality IS OUR BLACKNESS! Another thing she touched on is when you are one of few or the only black person/POC in a space and being asked to speak on behalf of an entire race… I’m pretty sure that I screamed out “THAT’S NOT HOW THIS WORKS!” (I’ve been in this position, I hated it.) We already know/see when we are one of few or are the only POC present (which can be uncomfortable AF) but being asked to speak for ALL ANDDDDDD not even say what you want to…*Falls Out*!

Kiera has some amazing people in her life from her sister to her co game programmer and even people who play the game! Another brilliant thing about this book is how Brittney depicted what different support systems can look like as well as what Blackness could look like. I loved how there were multiple perspectives in the book which added even more to the experience of the book. I’m not a gamer but I could understand, wholeheartedly, how this cast felt throughout. There are also some not so great or rather annoying people in Kiera’s world as well. At times, I hated how she handled them but it shed light on how much we, as black people (I’m black too, in case you haven’t guessed), have to step back & not say what we want or need to out of fear of retribution or judgement (I’m ready for those days to end). Part of why I loved Kiera’s sister, Steph, is because she was not afraid to keep it real…we need more Stephs in the world (and they are emerging).

Not only does this book beautifully depict the levels and layers of blackness but it also drops so much knowledge. Deadass (I’m so New York), my geek side screamed out “YESSSS” so many times throughout this read both internally and externally, it wasn’t even funny! I loved the history gems, talks of historical Black figures and cultures as well as places that black people live/exist that one may not think. I was here for ALLLLLL of IT! I also loved the mention of things so many of us experience though the game cards such as Boo-Boo The Fool (we know who he ain’t), having MacDonald’s money (boy, if that didn’t bring up childhood discussions), Black Love (I think it is magnificent and beautiful) as well as AAVE (African American Vernacular English) & the arguments around it’s usage/validity (it’s totally valid, whether used or not by a black person) AND the need to Code-Switch!

Honestly, I can talk all day about this book and how important it is! It knocked me on my ass and picked me back up again before knocking me down again (in a good way)! Seriously, Brittney wrote a brilliant book that really paid homage to blackness and it’s many forms/textures. You need to pre-order SLAY or get it the day that it comes out! It is seriously amazing, well written and speaks to what so many black people encounter in this world. SLAY preached in a way that you want to hear/read! Get this book for everyone you know so you will have someone or a group of people to talk to about it. Also know, you will struggle to put it down so have time carved out to read (like hours), it is THAT engaging/great! SLAY is so unapologetically Black that it is Beautiful, Magnificent and Magical! Also #WakandaForever!

Kingdom Of Souls Snatched My Edges

  • Author: Rena Barron
  • Debut-Book 1 of a Trilogy (*deep sigh*)
  • Genre: YA Fantasy
  • Background-Black with West African Ancestry
  • IG-@Renathedreamer
  • Release Dates: 9/3/19 (US), 9/19/19 (UK)
  • Publisher: Epic Reads
  • My Favorite Character-Rudjek…what can I say, I’m a sucker for a charismatic, sarcastic, funny & charming man child!
  • Favorite Quote-‘”I’ll make do.” Then under his breath, he says, “I can be quite crafty.”‘-Rudjek from Arrah’s perspective (and he was right).

Months ago, Dhonielle Clayton told me about Kingdom of Souls so it had been on my radar. When bookcon came and I had the chance to participate in an ARC drop where KOS was one, I got in line as fast as I could and prayed I’d get a copy. When I tell you I clutched this book to my chest, I actually did (and also called it “the precious” in my mind, lol) and it was worth every moment spent waiting in line.

This book is like a roller coaster ride that I didn’t want to get off of (and I hate roller coasters in real life). I had a hard time putting this book down, opening it up every free moment I had & even slept with it next to me since I would read it late into the night as if I didn’t have work the next morning. I loved how Rena described the sceneries, the characters and the “situations” (which there were a lot of). I felt like I was seeing everything from Arrah’s eyes and felt her emotions as she went through her journey, which is my favorite type of book to experience/read. I LOVED the magic and the Orishas woven throughout the book. The Orishas were their own cast but was also very much so a part of the tapestry of the story. KOS was rich in the textures of the magic and the tribal traits as well!

Not only is Arrah this dope ass black girl that has a strong resolve and big heart; she has the best ride or dies to call her crew. Her friends are the types that would give you the two finger tap, tell you to have a seat and look at your life & your choices. Arrah’s circle are the type of people you hope to find in your lifetime because friends like those are hard to come by. On top of having the best friends anyone could ask for, she has this amazing and hella loving dad that is the type of dad you would want to hug & never let go of, he’s so full of wisdom & stories and is so cool & sweet. I could see why Arrah was so attached to him, I would be too (actually I am, lol).

As dope as so many of the people in Arrah’s story are, there are some not so awesome characters. Arrah’s mother & eventual sister are the antithesis of her…they are both hoes and a halves for their shenanigans! Seriously, if I could’ve slapped them, I would’ve happily done so…with bricks. I’m not about that spoiler life so you have to read the book in order to understand why I felt that way!

I loved this book so much and I have been talking about it to anyone who would possibly listen (or read). This book is worth your dollars or check outs (if you are about that library life), time, attention, and space on your shelves. Get this book for everyone you know because you will want to talk about it…with multiple people. Suggest it to your book clubs, your co-workers, teens and strangers on the street (if you are extroverted enough)! This book IS available for pre-order and is coming out soon so you won’t have to wait for very long! Hopefully, we won’t have a long wait for book 2 *crosses fingers*!

Check out this list of the Epic Reads Tour for the chance to meet Rena!

What’s The 411 Hun-Blog Post 1

How This Is Gonna Go…

First, I’m not doing stars or number ratings. No shots at or shade to those who follow that system but that’s not what I’m about. Even as a teacher, I’m not in a field where I give grades. Authors work their asses off to put their work out into the world and feel some level of anxiety about how people/readers will feel once their books are in their (readers) hands and out of their (authors) control; I will not contribute to that anxiety. It isn’t my job, nor my place, to put that sort of judgement on their work, their art, their babies; and I want to respect the time and effort these authors put into their craft.

As a [fellow] reader, I can only share how their work made me feel and how I connected to their work. I also won’t post the book synapses/descriptions because I can share the links to those or you can pick up the book & read the covers/dust jackets. Hopefully, what I write will be enough to motivate you to pick up or pre-order the book!

What I will share is the authors’ background/heritage, if they are a debut or not, favorite quotes & characters, links & of course, how I felt about the book. I’m also going to be writing about books I have felt the most passionate about so that this blog stays positive…I’ve been lucky to read tons of books that I enjoyed but there are some that stand out more than others (such is life). I ask (which is bold being new) that you trust this approach and that my love for these books will make for a good review (if it can be called a review) *kool-aid smile & eye-lash flutter*. I’m not going to post about every book that I read because I read AHHHHHH LOT so this blog will feature more recent book releases and ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies for my new to the book world peeps)!

Soooooooo, with all that being said…Let’s Get It, Let’s Go…review/talk about some books!

Let’s Get This Magic Started! An Intro To Me!

To be honest, I never thought that I would start a blog but we all know the adage “never say never” so here we are *turns & spins with arms in the air*. A year and a half ago, I wouldn’t have thought that I would be back to reading so much, let alone write about all the books I read. I had been posting the books I read on instagram (@crystalyogi22 & now @bookishgirlmagic) and multiple people have given feedback that I should do book reviews *wide shocked eyes*.

To help you understand where I came from, I have to start from the, kind of, beginning. At the end of a shopping excursion for books for my students at the time (I’m a early childhood special educator), I happened to look to my right as I was about to get onto the escalators & I stopped dead in my tracks. A book caught my eye and that book was Children Of Blood and Bone (CBB) by Tomi Adeyemi. Being that I was trapped in a bubble that was my work life as well as yoga life (I’m also a yoga teacher), I knew none of the hype around this book. But the cover…the cover pulled me over to its section, I got on my tippy toes to pull down a copy (#ShortGirlProblems) & the description sealed it for me.

In reading CBB, I saw myself on the page, I felt apart of the story. As a black girl reading a book written by another black girl with a badass black girl as the main character, I found myself…invigorated, powerful & SEEN! This is important for someone like me who struggled with their voice & understanding of who they were.

After reading CBB, I decided that summer that I would read just books by POC (People Of Color) female authors and read 14 books in a 4 week span! I even went to bookcon to meet Tomi & ending up making one of the best [bookish] friends I could’ve have ever imagined meeting (shout out to Amber). So Tomi, if you end up reading this, thank you for opening up my world the way you [indirectly] did. Since then, I’ve gone on to read books by male POC authors but the point of it is that all the authors I have read since ARE People Of Color!

If you are wondering why just POC, I’ll happily tell you & this is probably going to be the most serious paragraph you will read from me. I’ve had a lifetime (30+ years) of non-POC authors shoved in my face (like so many other people of color) where POC are either not represented or accurately represented (#RepresentationMatters) and I felt tired. As an adult, I am in the position to consciously choose who’s voice I want to hear and who I support with the money I work so hard to earn (#AdultingSucks). I firmly believe that it is important to support POC authors and amplify their voices as they have had to fight for the spaces they occupy in the publishing world in a way that non-POC have not had to. Suffice this to say that if this bothers you, then this is not the blog for you because I unapologetically stand behind this belief *’Ye Shrug*.

Before I end this post, which will be the longest you will likely see from me, I just have to share that I am quirky, a bit awkward, funny at times, bubbly at times but no matter what mode I am in, I am authentically me 100% of the time. I have worked really hard over the last few years to speak my truth without shame. I get easily excited about the things I love (books being one #GranddaughterOfALibrarian) and it will show in my posts & if we ever meet in person…at a book event because on the subway, I keep my headphones on & a book in front of my face (#ImSoNewYork)!

Well, this has been fun but I’m sure you want to return to your life or your book now. Thank you for taking the time out to read this post & I look forward to sharing my love of diverse books with you!

With Bookish Regards, Latesha